Protecting Our Democracy

The current state of democracy faces a dangerous threat from extremists from both sides of the political aisle. In my office, I have a portrait of Abraham Lincoln to serve as a reminder to work selflessly for the greater good.

We now live in a time when the people are not prioritizing our country over party politics, and a deep divide has been created. It shouldn’t take a tragedy to bring us together again, but it was the case after 9/11 when Americans united despite the sadness and loss.

We need to have respectful and meaningful debates, even if we disagree. To disagree with another but with respect and with an open mind helps to create better solutions. The issue of disinformation and various diversionary tactics leads to a more divided America and a future where we will not shine as bright.

Additionally, the level of corruption has never been higher, with public officials entering office worth $100,000 and leaving worth millions. If corruption is part of this increase in wealth, then it is wrong.

What will our course be? What do we need to get on the right track?

We need to have a strong belief in democratic values, and we need perseverance.

I can’t provide an exact blueprint for our nation’s success, but I do believe we can take cues from two prominent political figures. It’s not only about leadership, but self-management as well. The US comprises over 300 million individuals, all of whom act independently yet rely on one another. Each person must have their own inner determination to do what’s right, even if it means enduring the consequences afterward.

We all experience difficult times, and it appears that it is the good-natured individuals who are especially impacted. The important factor is that we even if (or when) we get knocked down that we have the strength to get back up again. I have endured numerous knocks throughout my life, some of which I considered fatal. What enabled me to stand tall again each time was my knowledge of my purpose.

We all possess something to contribute to this pro-democracy struggle we are facing. I am taking a more public stance, while some individuals are taking a quieter route, working for democracy in the background. This may be more effective than the obvious approach and even striving to assist one person at a time. It is essential that we take the opportunity to gain knowledge from each other; however, as conversations have been impeded, the learning process has been delayed.

Recently I have seen that many young folks in society seem to accord an excessive amount of respect to the affluent, believing they possess the most knowledge. An unnamed billionaire I talked to once asked, “Why try to learn from me? You should be taking lessons from the destitute; that’s where you’ll get your answers.”

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This tale tells of a man who perfectly embodies the definition of perseverance in protecting our democracy.

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